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Open the doorway to embodiment.


A cup of tea, 

A consensual, intentional touch,

An invitation to move, sound, make with your hands,

A simple breathing in and out, 

A resting into the heartbeat, 

A feeling… 

Feeling, feeling, feeling…

The chaos of pain and pleasure 

The seeking for ecstatic states 

The longing to step outside of ourselves and connect with the All that is…


After all that, coming back home to the body… into the All, that is inside…


Can you imagine feeling every cell at every moment?

Feeling the buzzing aliveness just waiting to be breathed into and felt… 


Imagine a little sphere of light inside your body

Where does it live? 

Your pelvis? 

Your belly? 

Your chest?

Let it reveal itself to you…

Breathe into it with loving attention and the intention for it to expand.

Fill yourself with yourself from the inside out.

With each breath, create a vessel so abundant of its own soul that it pours from your skin in each exhale, overflows your essence into contact with the world around you, yoking together your spirit with the spirit of the world.


Even in your most alone place, you can follow the thread of your breath to contact that aliveness within that reminds you that you are perpetually connected.


It is your birthright to continually return to the home that you carry with you everywhere you go. 

The one thing that, until it finally does, never leaves you. 

Your own moveable refuge, 

Your seat of belonging,

Your sensory center through which you experience the aliveness of the universe in your very own skin.


And slowly, slowly, eventually… you remember your capacity to stay in your body as you connect with yourself, your beloveds, your environment. You experience that through all the ups and downs of emotions, sensations, and relationships that you can keep breathing. 


Feel your feet. 

Feel the ground.

Just. Keep. Breathing.

As you navigate the eternally unfolding wilderness of the inner and outer worlds…


If you desire a compassionate witness to your shadow, or a reflector of your light, I am here. With a deep breath, a tender hand, and an open heart inviting you into connection.


I am here to remind you to breathe. I am here to invite you to let yourself be breathed.


I am here with curiosity, humility, reverence, presence, and a playful spirit to accompany you on an epic journey into the wilderness of your breathing body; the home of your mind, spirit, and soul.


Your body - the keeper of all the information, intuition, and inspiration that you need to create the life that you’ve been dreaming. Encoded into your cells - the DNA passed to you from your ancestors - are the keys to what you need. Something mysterious that once was known, became forgotten and is living in you as a longing to remember once again. 


Sometimes it simply takes a witness, a mirror, or a guide to help you remember where you left them. 


If you feel yourself on the threshold of a new beginning, longing to experience yourself and your life with more purpose, connection, and joy, you are already on your way home. 


If you desire a friend on the path, I am here next to you, walking my own path alive and excited to share what I have been feeling and learning along the way.


As you courageously journey into the unknown, there will come a time when it will feel right (you’ll know in your bones), to reach out for guidance, comfort, or companionship along the way. 


When that time comes, reach out and make your desires known. If you have received the call to work with me, know that I have received it as well, and am excited to experience the wonders of the unique path, long or short as it may be, that we are meant to walk alive together. 






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